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The INKO s.a.s Company was born in 1996 in the heart of Brianza, known all over the world as a centre of furniture of quality.
The INKO s.a.s.. Company has improved in time its already known producing capacities by including unique productions of prestige in its catalogues.
Today the IKO s.a.s. Company exports all over the world its quality united to a post-selling service offered by its technical Staff. Service and Quality are our priorities.


qualità unita al servizio post-vendita in tutto offerta dal proprio staff tecnico Servizio e Qualità sono le nostre priorità.

INKO s.a.s. Via della Repubblica, 1/A - 20030 Camnago (MI) Italy tel. +39 0362 572067 - fax +39 0362 563999 - e-mail: info@inko-interiors.com